Wintec Pro Stock Saddle with Fenders
Wintec Pro Stock Saddle with Fenders


Wintec Pro Stock Saddle with Fenders

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The Wintec Pro Stock with Swinging Fender is perfect for scenic and long distance rides, high-speed activities, or starting young horses. The grippy, comfortable seat and traditional design ensures you will be supported and balanced regardless of the pace – the Swinging Fender model is personal preference which adds a little authenticity, but no stirrup leathers can be more comfortable for all day riding.

This weather-proof, worry-free saddle means you can ride anywhere, any weather, any day and simply hose it off after your ride.

For your horse, they will enjoy the super-soft panels which mold in and around their muscles, hugging their conformation, so you can ride all day with the peace of mind that they are comfortable too!

Please note: a stitch line was added to the fender in 2022 which enhances the ability of the fender to bend around the rider's leg.

Super-soft deep seat, super-soft panels.

Weight: 10 kg/22.1 lb

HART: With Horse and Rider Technology (HART), your horse’s freedom under saddle is actively enhanced, as the saddle continuously flexes and conforms with their shape in motion for the ultimate comfort. Your saddle can be changed to mirror the changes in your horse as they develop over time.