Saddles by Albion, Erreplus, Amerigo, GFS, Pessoa, Bates, Trainers & Wintec

Balanced Saddle Fitting are the New Zealand Agents for the respected Albion, Erreplus, Amerigo and GFS saddle ranges. We provide saddle fitting services to some of New Zealand's top dressage riders, show jumpers and eventers who are looking for the ultimate saddle to add a competitive edge - but many of our clients are pony club or recreational riders who simply want their horses to be comfortable, healthy, and enjoy being ridden.

This is why we range what we believe are the best saddles in New Zealand, from Albion of England, Erreplus and Amerigo - but also provide a range of trusted, versatile and very affordable saddles from respected global brands like GFS Saddles, Pessoa, Bates, Trainers and Wintec. Shop online for your new saddle now, or combine our expert saddle fitting service with a customised, handcrafted saddle to perfect your saddle solution.