Saddle Fitting


As one of New Zealand’s leading saddle fitters with over 15 years’ experience, Chris Barnett believes that riding is a partnership, with the saddle being the connection between horse and rider. He understands how critical a saddle is in ensuring that both horse and rider are totally comfortable; to ensure comfort and well-being - and to allow them to perform to their best.

Chris is acknowledged as being able to achieve great saddle fitting results for horse and rider through his attention to detail, working with the balance of the rider and the well-being of the horse. A dedicated saddle fitter and working saddler, Chris is qualified in Advanced Equine Studies and has been involved in the equine industry most of his working life.

Chris has trained in Australia, England and Italy. Chris returns to Europe on a regular basis to keep current with the latest research and advances in saddle design and fit.

With a deep understanding of horses and a passion for great saddle fitting, Chris will ALWAYS recommend the saddle that he believes will work best for your horse and rider combination. Balanced Saddle Fitting is proud to be the New Zealand agents for Erreplus and Albion saddles. We will also source the best of international and local brands to accommodate your needs through HorseSports. Chris is knowledgeable about countless saddle brands and is able to recommend viable options; whatever your budget is.

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