"When it comes to saddle fitting there is no one we would rather use than Chris from Balanced Saddle Fitting. Our horses all wear Albion Saddles, we love them because they are comfortable, adjustable if they need to be changed for new horses, and are also very affordable.

They were fitted by Chris when we first got them, and we know we will have continued service for those little adjustments that are required as a horse changes shape with growth and development. We really like the fact that Chris is a horseman and rider, we can talk to him about all the tiny little details that can affect the way our saddles feel on our Dressage horses and know we will be listened to with respect for any concerns.

I believe he genuinely wishes to have both riders and horses completely comfortable with their saddle choices and I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to have a saddle, new or used, fitted - in fact I regularly do and hear great feedback from those riders."

 - Jeanette Benzie


"Chris is a vital part of our team, we regularly have him check all the working and competing horses from the young horses through to the Grand Prix horses. His input is always honest and well considered and so we always have a clear plan for where we are and the plan going forward. His ability to recall the differences of each horse in our team is remarkable. Often Chris has been able to help over the phone with small changes due to this.

Chris offers both the horse and rider the best in saddle fitting advice, his experience and keen eye for detail are matched by his genuine desire to get the best solutions possible for horses and riders."

- Debbie & Peter Barke


"Chris has been fitting and supplying saddles for us, for a number of years now.  He is great to work with. He evaluates the needs of our horses and us, and always comes up with the best solutions. He is able to fit even our most difficult and sensitive horses.

Chris is straight forward and extremely knowledgeable, and if you haven’t had the privilege of him fitting your horse, you are missing out!! Our Grand Prix mare, Sequell loves her Erreplus saddle.  Chris has it fitting her and Bernard comfortably, enabling her to really use herself over the jumps.

Knowledgeable friendly people. Helpful and easy to deal with, with a professional service. Thank you - our team appreciate all of these qualities.

Bernard and I cannot recommend Chris highly enough. He is the best in the business."

- Bernard Denton, World Cup rider, and partner Sarah Teggert


"Chris from Balanced Saddle Fitting is always my go-to guy for anything saddle related. With his vast experience and knowledge, I know that I’ll always have the right information to make informed choices about the type and fit of the saddle my horses are ridden in. Chris is definitely the only person I would trust with fitting saddles to my horses, I'm very grateful for his and Miriam's support!

As one of New Zealand’s leading saddle fitters (the leading in my opinion!), Chris has a deep understanding of how critical a saddle is in ensuring that both horse and rider are able to perform to their highest ability. Not only is he great at selecting the right saddle for a horse, he’s also a master at changing a saddle so it can fit a different horse - as he did with my Albion Revelation (my favourite saddle of all time), changing it from fitting my fully muscled Grand Prix horse to instead fit my baby four year old."

- Caitlin Benzie


"I have referred many horses over the years to Chris for saddle fitting, and his depth and wealth of knowledge of different shapes, brands, panels and trees is admirable. He will always recommend what is the best possible fit/option for the horse and rider as a pair and provides a range of options from new saddles to second hand saddles - always with the horses comfort and the clients satisfaction and budget in mind." 

- Sarah Cruickshank, Director Vetphysio Ltd & VSA Physio, Principal Veterinary Physiotherapist


"Absolutely love my Amerigo saddle from Balanced Saddle Fitting - it's so comfortable and supportive for both of us. Since getting it at the beginning of 2018, Toby has been so much happier in his work. Thanks for providing us with such a fantastic saddle fit! My Amerigo is by far my favourite saddle to ride in."

- Becki Williamson


"Chris has been fitting saddles for my dressage horses and those of my pupils now for many years. His expertise and practical solutions have been an integral part in ensuring the team perform at their best. I particularly appreciate his approach in ensuring correct fit and balance for both horse and rider while taking into consideration their age and stage of development and training."

– Sharlene Royal


"I have used Chris to fit my saddles for many years. His knowledge is unbeatable! Chris is honest with his opinions and does everything possible to get the right fit for you and your horse with what ever saddle brand suits the best. Chris has always gone above and beyond to fit my saddles, a top bloke! I’d never use anyone else for saddle fitting, he’s the best you can get. Thanks Chris for the many years of helping me make my horses comfortable and happy!" 

- Kady Prujean


"Chris has been fitting my saddles for more than 10 years. He is very experienced, extremely knowledgeable and has always been able to sort any problems for me. I highly recommend Chris and would not use anyone else." 

- Sue Paterson


"When it comes to saddles they are the most important tool of the trade and to get the best performance from our horses they need a perfect fit and balance. I've been working with Chris from Balanced Saddle Fitting for some time now and in terms of knowledge and professionalism, he is second to none. He listens, watches and spends time ensuring the balance and fit is correct.

Chris spends time ensuring the right saddle is found and would never sell or recommend a saddle which was unsuitable - his integrity is definitely one of his best qualities - along with his sense of humour!!  Highly recommended."

– Kellie Hamlett


"Wanted to send a big thank you for the awesome job on our saddle fitting. Dom came and treated the horses yesterday, and for the first time they have all made big progress. She said the little pony in particular felt like a new pony, and Aliyaah was able to jump 65-70cm happily this week for the first time - so thank you!"

- Katherine McDonald


"Wouldn't want anyone else to fit my saddles. Great service, always happy with my saddles."

- Jen Sim


"Honestly the best thing that ever happened to Rua and I was meeting Chris. Seems like my Albion Kontact has made Rua 'happy ever after'!"

- Eloise Stevenson,


“I always feel confident that my horses saddles are comfortable and causing no harm when Chris has fitted them. I have bought several saddles through Chris now and the service and attention to detail has been outstanding - for both new and used. Totally takes away the worry of “is my saddle hurting my horses back?"  

Amanda Trayes


"Recently purchased a saddle from Chris. Expert advice on saddle fit for chunky pony. Wonderful service from first enquiry, follow calls, emails to saddle fit and purchase. Extremely flexible team."

– Buffy Turner


“I had to laugh, in one hour's saddle fitting with Chris I learned as much about saddles as I had in 25 years of riding. He swiftly refitted my saddle on site, so that my horse is more comfortable and moves more freely, but he also gave great advice on girth firmness, position and strap length, gullet width, saddle position, how knee roll placement affects jumping position, and a myriad of other observations which I tucked away as gems of insight. He also checked my young horse for saddle fit so I am very pleased to know that she will start her ridden work with the correct saddle fit, setting her up for success from the start."  

- H Minogue


"New saddle, professionally fitted, had a great first ride in it. It’s so comfy and even felt a change in Ngahau’s behaviour, he seemed a lot happier and more responsive. Thanks Chris."

– Trudy Woolston


"Thank you for coming to New Plymouth! Great service and very knowledgeable, I learnt a lot and I’m sure my horses are going to be super happy in their fitted saddles."

- H McLeod