Saddle Fitting Service
Saddle Fitting Service
Saddle Fitting Service

Saddle Fitting Service

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Please contact us on if you would like to book a time.

This saddle fitting service covers assessing one horse for 60-75 minutes. Some saddle work may be able to be completed within this time. Chris aims to re-pack on site where possible.

Saddle fitter Chris Barnett can:

  • Check your existing saddles 
  • Recommend new saddle options if needed, or for a new horse
  • Quote any saddle work required to improve the fit on your horse.

Email to make a time for your saddle fitting.

    Saddle repairs, repacking & gullet adjustments

    Chris will try to work with your saddle where possible and will be able to suggest and carry out alterations to improve your saddle fit. Improving the fit of an existing saddle may include repacking, or a full strip out, changes to gullet size, and more. 

    In the event that he is unable to work with your current saddle due to it being unsuitable for your horse, he will suggest options that potentially could work for your horse. Chris can bring alternative options with him, both second hand and new, given prior notice. He is also able to template on the day if you choose to move towards a custom made option.

    Chris will give an indication of the cost for any saddle work at the time of your saddle fitting. Where possible repacking and saddle repair is done on site immediately. For more complex saddle work, Chris will offer to take your saddle and give you a completion date.

    Your saddle fitting appointment

    We will be in touch by phone or email to organise a good time for your saddle fitting and to request photos of your horse's back so we can bring suitable saddle options to your saddle fitting.

    Please reply with any special requirements and special instructions on getting to your location. We look forward to meeting you and your horse!