GFS Transition PX Dressage 16.5"
GFS Transition PX Dressage 16.5"
GFS Transition PX Dressage 16.5"
GFS Transition PX Dressage 16.5"
GFS Transition PX Dressage 16.5"

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GFS Transition PX Dressage 16.5"

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The GFS Transition PX dressage saddle is designed for petite adults or pony riders.

Are you transitioning into an adult rider, moving from Ponies to Horses or are you a petite adult rider? If you answered YES then this saddle is designed for you.

Thoughtfully developed to provide all the key elements required for a dressage saddle and finished in luxurious calf leather. This smaller dressage saddle features an adjustable gullet to aid with fitting, a siliconised flocked wool panel and position adjustable velcro knee blocks making the saddle hugely adjustable. The supportive seat and subtle design elements provide close contact and precise interaction for the rider.

Available in 16.5", in Black leather.

X-change gullet system

The X-change gullet system is great for horses changing shape when growing or a change in their work regimen losing or gaining size.

Siliconized wool flocked

Siliconized wool flocking which allows movement in the wool which prevents possible bunching which can cause pressure points on the horses back. 

Flatter and wider panels

The GFS Transition range have flatter and wider panels to distribute weight evenly on the horses back to prevent pressure for maximum comfort for the horse.

    All GFS saddles are handcrafted in England, and depending on availability and desired size and colour, there may be a time required for your model to be crafted.