Erreplus CA Jump Saddle
Erreplus CA Jump Saddle
Erreplus CA Jump Saddle
Erreplus CA Jump Saddle

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Erreplus CA Jump Saddle

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The Erreplus Jumping Saddle “Christian Ahlmann” was developed in cooperation with our testimonial, top Jumping International rider, Christian Ahlmann, with whom the saddle has been tested at great length. Christian first requirement was developing a larger seat, to guarantee better  support to the Ischial seat bones area of the rider.

Our goal was, also, creating an innovative seat, very soft and comfortable for the rider and this has been possible by the use of a new exclusive double density rubber, soft and resistant. The same careful attention has been devoted also to the horse, thanks to the application of a new generation flocked panels thin and compact, that have a larger surface to guarantee uniform support of the rider’s weight on the horse back.

The saddle is available in the following versions : standard, forward or drawback. The saddle can be chosen in the standard version with small blocks or, on request, with big blocks.

The Christian Ahlmann Saddle is a bi-color saddle available in: Black & Cacao, Dark Havana & Cacao or Cacao & Black. 

Available with standard or SL panels.

Why choose a SL panel?

Give your horse the freedom to move in harmony. A horse free to move its shoulders is a horse that performs better, that more willingly follows the demands of the rider, that strides softly and fluidly, that faces courses and obstacles with greater confidence.
SL panels have been specially designed, together with technical experts in the field, to free the most muscular and pronounced shoulders. This short panel completely avoids any kind of pressure at scapular level, ensuring a perfect movement of the shoulders - al while maintaining a large contact area on the horse.

All ErrePlus saddles are handcrafted in Italy, and depending on availability and colour (black or brown) requested, there may be a time required for your desired model to be crafted.