GFS Transition GX Jump
GFS Transition GX Jump
GFS Transition GX Jump
GFS Transition GX Jump

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GFS Transition GX Jump

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A professional style Jump saddle for any progressing jump rider at a budget friendly price, the GFS Transition GX Jump saddle has it all. A quality Walsall made saddle with a low seat and forward cut flaps for jumping disciplines, and a flatter seat than the original GFS Jump Saddle.

Maximum flexibility of fit for both horse and rider makes this saddle the perfect ingredient for any jumping partnership. An adjustable gullet plate system combined with a flocked panel and easy exchange girth system together with movable knee and thigh blocks, finished in a Beautiful Calf leather.

Available in 17" and 17.5" in black or Havana Brown leather.

Polymersynthetic webbed tree

The polymersynthetic webbed tree is designed on a CAD machine for precision and symmetry. The tree is flexible and lightweight which allows movement. 

X-change girthing system

The x-change girthing points create an easy way for saddle fitters to change the straps from one position to another without having to stitch in the workshop. 

X-change gullet system

The X-change gullet system is great for horses changing shape when growing or a change in their work regimen losing or gaining size.

Flatter and wider panels

The GFS Transition range have flatter and wider panels to distribute weight evenly on the horses back to prevent pressure for maximum comfort for the horse. The panels are flocked with siliconized wool which allows movement to prevent possible bunching which could lead to pressure points. 

Luxurious selected leather

GFS and Premier leather has been hand selected for the finest quality double stitched calf skin for maximum comfort and grip. 

Siliconized wool flocked

Siliconized wool flocking which allows movement in the wool which prevents possible bunching which can cause pressure points on the horses back. 

Centre of balance spot

Due to the tree being designed on a CAD machine GFS are able to locate the centre of balance spot for the best positioning for the rider as well as helping to create a closer contact to the horse. 

Contoured moulded knee blocks

Knee blocks can be customised to suit the riders leg length with an option of a bigger or smaller block these sit below the flap with a contoured moulded knee which gives the rider security in the saddle without restriction. 

    All GFS saddles are handcrafted in England, and depending on availability and desired size and colour, there may be a time required for your model to be crafted.