Albion K4 Jump Saddle
Albion K4 Jump Saddle
Albion K4 Jump Saddle
Albion K4 Jump Saddle

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Albion K4 Jump Saddle

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Albion K4 Sport Jump – High Performance Jump Saddle

Built on an ‘A’ shaped tree to suit the modern competition horses. The K4 Jump Saddle builds on the success of Albion’s best selling K3 and K2 Jump Saddles, with a new double-flap design that brings riders a range of benefits.

The double-flap design is a key element, with the single flap helping to create a closer contact and a lighter weight design.

It benefits from modern styling, a super soft half deep seat and a pure wool flock and felt-lined panel to allow minor adjustments for an unrivalled fit. It has been created around three key pillars: comfort, security and stability.

The K4 Sport Jump is built on the trusted and acclaimed Adjusta-Tree™ – the proven foundation of a quality saddle. This is a unique tree to Albion and one that our customers love.

Available in 17”, 17.5” and 18” seat sizes and a range of Adjusta-Tree™ fittings, to ensure the perfect fit for you and your horse.

The K4 Sport Jump can also be customised with coloured welts and more.

• Double-flap jump saddle
• Unrivalled comfort, security & stability
• Template Options
• Supportive Seat and Leg Position
• Adjusta-Tree™
• Fittings Silver
• Customisation available

All Albion saddles are handcrafted in England, and depending on availability and desired colour (black or havana brown) there may be a time required for your desired model to be crafted.