Albion K2 Dressage Saddle

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Albion K2 Dressage Saddle

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The K2 Dressage has been designed for those riders looking for an introductory ‘top quality’ dressage saddle, with feel and comfort. This saddle features the unique patented Adjusta-Tree™, allowing saddle fitters worldwide to pressure adjust the tree fitting.

Riders looking for a shallower seat with a supportive leg position that is not too straight, love the K2 Dressage. The seat is a little deeper than the original K2 Dressage and narrower in the twist giving a much more professional feel. The standard knee rolls are small sized, soft and supportive and are fixed in one position under the flap.

Smooth full grain leathers with lightly shrunken full grain hide seat and knee pads.  Incorporates the genesis nylon tree that is comfortable and supportive.

All Albion saddles are handcrafted in England, and depending on availability and desired colour (black or havana brown) there may be a time required for your desired model to be crafted.

In 2013 Albion launched ‘Adjusta Tree’. ‘Adjusta Tree’ has been specifically designed for adjustment using pressure by any local Albion saddle fitter. The fitting can be altered without damage or distortion to the headplates or rivets of the tree assembly using Albion approved pressure systems, whilst remaining within the saddle.

‘Adjusta-Tree’ has been robustly engineered to withstand weight loading and pressure induced spread. It has been rigorously tested and proven by Albion’s own ‘in-house’mechanical spread testing equipment and was further tested and proven by a specialist Independent Engineering Laboratory using approved heavy load testing systems.