Sponsored Rider Abby Long

We are delighted to welcome Abby Long to our team of Balanced Saddle Fitting sponsored riders. 

Abby is a 4* eventing rider who has a team of seven competition horses, and has been in the Oceania Young Rider Team twice already, and in a Senior Team in 2019 - she says she can't wait to see what this next season holds, and we're excited to support her journey. Abby began riding at eight years with lessons at a Levin riding school, and got her first pony at 10. After watching the 2012 Olympics she knew that she wanted to represent New Zealand on the world stage and since then has been dedicated to her journey towards achieving her dream.

Abby had a fantastic season with many great achievements by all the team members. She enjoyed bringing on two new team members, lots of prizes and with exciting plans for new season including a possible trip to Australia, we cant wait to see what she achieves.

A word from Abby: 

"During the 2018-2019 season, I was really struggling to find a saddle to fit my talented mare Henton Audacious. She had a very different back shape to the other thoroughbred on my team. Chris from Balanced Saddle Fitting came highly recommended and when we met at HOY, Chris explained which saddles would fit certain back shapes, helped me understand that it was important to keep it simple, and that the right saddle had to be one that I was also comfortable riding in. This has been a game changer, and I have really noticed the performance improvement in my team. 

"I am so excited to be joining the Balanced Saddle Fitting team for the season; it's really an honour to represent their brand, and to be working with amazing people who have helped shape my journey."



Abby's 2020-2021 end of season team wrap up

Belmont Holy Smoke (Eric)

  • 3rd in the New Zealand Super League series
  • National One Day CCI3*-S Champion
  • Randlab Matamata CCI4*-S Champion
  • 2nd in the CCI4*-L Taupo 3day
  • 6th in the CCI4*-L Puhinui 3Day

Cruising Guy (Dexter)

  • 2nd CCI4*-S Puhinui 2Day
  • 2nd in the CCI3*-L Puhinui 3Day
  • 8th in the CCI4*-L Taupo 3Day
  • Level 4 Champion (Horowhenua Dr Group Summer Championship)

Henton Audacious

  • Champion 7 & 8yr old CCI3*-L Puhinui 3Day 
  • 3rd in the CCI3*-L Puhinui 3Day
  • 6th in the CCI3*-L Taupo 3Day 

Codak Xtreme (Cody)

  • Level 2 Champion (Horowhenua Dr Group Summer Championship)
  • Two 1st placings in 95cm starts, 3rd in the 105 showdown at Kihikihi 2Day

Midnight Hawk (Elvis) - 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th at his first 4 105 starts 

Dragon Hawk (Blueberry) - 2nd place in both his first starts at 95cm and 105cm level 

These are the main shows we will be attending in the first half of the summer 2021 Season

  • Hawks Bay 2-3 Oct
  • Taupo 9-10 Oct
  • Arran Station 23-24 Oct
  • Taupo 6-7 Nov
  • Rotoura 27-28 Nov
  • Puhinui 3Day 9-12 Dec

We have many goals for the season but our main goals are to have solid performances and confident building rounds before we head to Puhinui 3day. We plan to have Dexter and Eric in the 4*, Elvis in the 2* and Cody in the 105/1*. Aiming for top 6 results on all 4 horses!!!