Spotted - Chris in the saddle of Don Debonaire

As some of you may know last season didn’t really happen for us with the situation resulting in me needing a surgery a few weeks ago.

So being a typical horse person counting down the weeks until I can be back in the saddle after months of not riding and watching out the window to see my very bored equine partner Don Debonaire (Debe) 'redesigning' the paddocks, Chris kindly offered to exercise Debe. So I dug out his riding boots and sent them off before he could change his mind!

This morning I managed to get a few snaps of Chris in action which in itself is quite an achievement, as he's not one for photos! 

I have to say Chris looked pretty good after three years out of the saddle and a major back surgery last year - and Debe looked perfectly happy and faithlessly showed no sign of missing his usual rider. Not sure how I feel about that!

Debe and I are waiting on the arrival of our own new saddle, the Erreplus Connect, which is perfectly designed for the modern warmblood with a straight back profile. But in the meantime Chris is exercising happily in this beautiful Erreplus Impulse dressage saddle.

Debe arrived to us as a petite weanling which we didn’t think would make 15.3hh. I started him, and he's a very special part of our family, so it's really nice to see my two special guys spending some quality time.