Dressage Waitemata Championships

Wow, wasn’t last weekend great! Chris and Miriam were so thrilled to see so many amazing clients having a wonderful weekend on their horses, backed up up by some very impressive percentages and placings at the wonderful event run by Dressage Waitemata.  

  • Our Sponsored Rider Angela Lloyd, with a win in Prelim and Champion Small tour-Big tour - Rides in Albion
  • Sam Belsham with a win and placing in Level 2 and Level 3 and Champion Young Rider - Rides in Albion
  • Tania Taylor with wins in Level 4 and Champion Level 4 - Rides in Erreplus
  • Sarah Revis with placings in Level 2 - Rides in Albion
  • Diana Sonnerson with a win and placings in Level 5 - Rides in Erreplus
  • Ashley Webster with wins and placings - Rides in Erreplus
  • Nick Stackpole with a win in Level 3 - Rides in Albion
  • Rachel Sutton with wins and placing in Level 4 and Reserve Champion Level 4 - Rides in Erreplus
  • Rachel Shiree Hughes with a win and placings in Level 5 - Rides in Albion
  • Rebecca Williamson with a win in Small tour-Big tour - Rides in Amerigo
  • Chris Beach with a placing in Level 1
  • Jen Sim with wins and placings at Level 2 and Reserve Champion Small Tour-Big Tour

There were so many more fantastic dedicated riders and we are sorry if we have missed you out of this list of our wonderful clients!! If you were riding in a saddle fitted by Christ at Balanced Saddle Fitting at the Champs, please send us your favourite picture of the weekend -  We’d love to share it on social.