Book your Spring Saddle Fitting Now

Bookings for the spring season are in full flow, so now is the time to book before your horse’s workload increases.

We can often book your saddle fitting sooner than you may think

Although Chris's availability for saddle fitting can be limited for a few weeks ahead, it's always worth checking in, as depending on our schedule, we can get spaces become available.

Plus, it’s always worth going on our waitlist as "horses are horses" and they don’t always play by the rules - so appointments can open unexpectedly.

Shorten your wait time by coming to South Auckland

We can offer appointment times sooner if you are able to travel to us in Waiau Pa. We have yards available plus an arena for the ridden assessment.

We do our best to help horses who need saddle fitting urgently.

Please remember, if you have an urgent saddle fitting requirement and are willing to travel your horse to us, we will always endeavor to create an appointment time in these situations. 

We work with a number of Equine Vets, Vet Physios and Equine Bodyworkers, and we always try to accommodate the cases they refer as soon as possible.

New season, new saddle?

If it's time to explore new saddle options, we keep a huge range in stock, which you are welcome to ride in at your saddle fitting if they are suitable for your horse.

Remember some horses are “special” and may require a bespoke customised saddle. That's all part of our service, and because production times in Italy and England are much quicker now, you will be able to get your beautiful, fully customised saddle much sooner. Why not treat yourself, and your horse?

Book your saddle fitting now 

If you are thinking of booking a saddle fitting this summer, now is the time to organise your spot with Miriam - contact us by email please on